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Thursday, December 17, 2009

‘My 1980s’ – process

I’ve decided it might be interesting to know the process behind my articles. In January it will continue to be the intro. to my book AGAIN: 'Opposition,' but in February it will be ‘My 1980s.’


I’m currently writing a novel set in the 1980s and I have tons of research on the decade. My article will use a lot of this research and in turn my novel will be informed by the article. All of this is very exciting to me because I love the 80s and spending time there in my imagination is amazing. As a pop-culture specialist and academic, I believe that my work here will be relevant, topical and very accurate. I hope to convey fun, nostalgia and detail. I believe that most of my readers will relate – well.

Most of my readers grew up in the 1980s and probably have a special relationship to the 80s. I’m counting on some familiarity with the culture of the time. I imagine that I will move beyond the very influential book ‘Generation X: Tales for an Accelerated Culture.’ We are a ‘lost’ generation but there is so much pop-culture to be found that we might need to reconfigure our major presence now. Compared to the Baby-Boomers we were kind of invisible but now they’re aging. It is finally our time. I’m convinced of it.

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