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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

‘Avatar’ or Abled-Disabled – process

I was thinking that I could write about the Gaia-esque Matrixy quality of ‘Avatar,’ after all reality is my thing, but I think that I’ll focus on disability which is a rare find in a film. I hope to explain that the disabled lead is very capable and is presented as quite able.
I hope to focus on visible disability and an idea of identity on the screen – accurate or not. I believe that this film is ripe for short critical analyses of disability. There are many criticisms and accolades in circulation on the internet about the film. I guess that I’ll add my two-cents to them. This is a very hot film, seen by many people, so James Cameron’s portrayal of disability is important. Just so you know, I enjoyed the film but at least ½ an hour could have easily been edited out.

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