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Friday, March 5, 2010

‘Nine’ or All That Glitters is not Gold - process

In March my article is “‘Avatar’ or Abled-Disabled,” in April my article will be

“‘Nine’ or All That Glitters is not Gold.”

So, I saw the gorgeous film ‘Nine’ but it was problematic. I am grateful that I can critique it, make sense of it. I guess that I’m really a 3rd Wave Feminist (I'm a 3rd Wave Feminist according to the book Third Wave Feminism and Television: Jane Puts it in a Box by the head of women's studies at South-Carolina U., Merri Lisa Johnson.) – on the one hand the glitz and glam rocks my world, on the other the objectification of the women pisses me off. I’m all about re-appropriating ‘the gaze.’ This film however, reabsorbs old stereotypes. Too bad. I’m hopefully going to show that it does this.

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